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Can cloves have a second chance?

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Can cloves have a second chance?

Dear Heloise: We always use WHOLE CLOVES when baking a ham. Cloves are quite expensive, so we are wondering if they can be saved after baking, refrigerated and used a second time?

— Sharon in Middletown, Ohio

The manufacturers suggest not reusing them for this

purpose, as the "flavor" may

have been affected. The cloves have been stuck into ham and exposed to ham juices and cooking.

I say rinse them in cold water, dry on a paper towel, put them in a zip bag and freeze.

Take a few out and test them.

What have you got to lose?

Or poke them into an orange to make a pomander.

— Heloise

TEA HOLDER Dear Heloise: I am writing in response to your column regarding making pots of tea.

My mother always read the Hints From Heloise column.

I have early- childhood memories of this. She passed in 2012, at the age of 93.

My mother used a clothespin to attach the paper tabs of the tea bags to the side of the pot.

Like Mom, I always have used a clothespin, and like Mom, I’ve passed on this helpful hint to my children.

I love it that Hints From Heloise is still going strong!

Keep up the good work!

— Renee W. in San Antonio

CLARIFIED BUTTER Dear Heloise: I like to

pre-make clarified butter for

cooking. I make a garlic, a jalapeno and a plain version.

After they cool, I pour them into ice-cube trays and keep them in the freezer. That way, I can pop out whatever I need, and it’s ready to use.

— Drew L., Katy, Texas

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