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Driven by distraction

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Driven by distraction

Dear Readers: Wow and double wow! The craziest things you’ve seen DRIVERS doing while driving surprised even me! There were a few I cannot print, as they say, in a family newspaper! Here are some of the best: I saw a man brushing his teeth while driving!

— Judy B.

My first email to Heloise! I

had to share: I saw a guy eating corn on the cob during the morning commute.

— Carol M.

While riding down I-40, I saw a man driving while playing a trombone. I swear this is true.

— Ralph W.

The person in front of me was driving 65 mph and doing arm curls with a 20-pound barbell out the driver’s window! I could not get around him fast enough!

— Nancy J.

The craziest I’ve seen: A bare foot propped out of the left window; she also was putting on makeup, talking on a cellphone and smoking, all at the same time. We think this may take the cake.

— Mike S. (Heloise Here: You win so far!)

This was a fun break from the usual hints — send more!

— Heloise CATALOG ORDERING Dear Heloise: I ordered some items from a catalog and used a wrong item number, giving me a men’s item rather than a women’s.

When I packaged the item to send it back, I turned the bag inside out (had a hard time getting the label off) and had a clean slate for mailing.

— Barbara R., Great Falls, Va.

CHEESECLOTH BAG Dear Heloise: When making soup from turkey bones, I make a cheesecloth bag, toss in the carcass and tie. I know the broth is free of bones and skin, and no longer have to fish them


— Pat H., Sacramento, Calif.

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