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The Weekly Word: Seeing and Believing

By Pastor Matt Howlett, First Baptist Church, Charles City

The Gospel of John chapter 4:46-54 tells the story of a royal official willing to travel a great distance to meet Jesus. He was so desperate to have his sick son healed, that after hearing all the miraculous things Jesus had done, he traveled 20 miles to meet Jesus and ask him to heal his son.

He had faith that Jesus would be able to bring the healing he so desperately desired, that he was willing to make the long trek to request Jesus’ help. He was willing to put his faith in Jesus, before ever meeting him or witnessing firsthand what he can do.

The Weekly Word: Seeing and Believing
Pastor Matt Howlett, First Baptist Church

As the royal official begged Jesus to help his son, who was close to death, Jesus’ response was “Unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders you will never believe.” (John 4:48).

When Jesus promised the official that his son would live, he took Jesus at his word and returned home to find his son had in fact been healed.

Jesus saw the faithfulness of this man and brought healing to his son, even knowing that many would not believe in him without first seeing miraculous signs.

Another time Jesus’ own student, Thomas, said he would never believe Jesus had risen from the grave, unless he had the opportunity to see and feel Jesus wounds for himself. For Thomas, seeing was the only way he would believe. For the royal official, the word of Jesus was enough.

What is your attitude toward all that Jesus can do for you? Do you believe the eyewitness accounts of all the miraculous things Jesus has done for us? Do you believe that Jesus suffered and died in your place and rose again from the grave, so sin and death would have no hold over you?

If you truly believe these things, does your life and attitude reflect that? Are you willing to call on Jesus’ name and turn all your troubles over to God, knowing he has everything in hand or do you feel the need to help God along the way?

The Easter season is almost upon us. My prayer for all who read this is that we can pause this season . That we can all take time to reflect upon what it is we truly believe about Jesus, and how our attitudes and actions are a reflection of that belief.

May the Lord bless and guide you all as you walk forward this day!

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