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Work begins on two new Charles City murals

Work begins on two new Charles City murals
Artist Molly Keen is enjoying her time in Charles City, working on a new downtown mural. Press photos by Travis Fischer
By Travis Fischer,

Charles City is getting a little more decorative.

Work began this week on a new downtown mural as artist Molly Keen started painting the side of 200 N. Main, a building owned by Tonette Noah, where Kloberdanz Insurance is located.

“It’s one of the best places I’ve painted a mural,” said Keen.

Keen says that the community has been exceptionally accommodating for her. From local businesses allowing her to use their restrooms to clean brushes through the day to the city shutting off a street light at night so she can use her projector to trace the designs, Keen has appreciated the welcome she has received.

Local residents have even offered to lend a hand for the project, which Keen refers to as her “love letter to Charles City.” Mayor Dean Andrews spent the weekend ahead of Keen’s arrival priming the wall while passing children have gotten the chance to paint a few strokes of their own under Keen’s eye.

Keen, who frequents the West Coast and has painted murals from Washington down to South America, says she’s happy to have made the four-day trip into the Midwest for this project.

“It’s like a whole different attitude out here,” said Keen. “I love how this small town has more of a heart for art than a lot of the big metropolitan cities.”

Work begins on two new Charles City murals
Artists Kaylee Antignano, Andrea Ehrhardt, and Colleen King are painting a mural of the seasons on the side of The Furniture Barn.

The Main Street mural isn’t the only one going up this week. Across town Andrea Ehrhardt, working with Kaylee Antignano and Colleen King, are busy painting a second mural on the side of The Furniture Barn.

Hailing from Missouri, the trio has spent the week crafting a seasonal themed mural, depicting a portrait of Iowa from spring through winter.

They’ve all enjoyed the time they’ve spent in Charles City, meeting residents and checking out other murals that have been placed around the city.

“Everybody has been really nice,” said Ehrhardt.

“It’s such a fun, cute town,” said Antignano.

“I love the fact that they embrace the arts,” said King.

The artists put their brushes down for a little while on Wednesday night, meeting at the Charles City Arts Center for a reception where the community could meet them and show appreciation for their work.

“I think that each mural is going to represent a unique aspect of Charles City,” said Town of Colors member Phoebe Pittman. “Both of these murals I’m sure will be fabulous.”

Once these two murals are complete, the committee will start making plans to find another location and artist for another mural next year.

Work begins on two new Charles City murals
Artists Colleen King, Andrea Ehrhardt, Kaylee Antignano, and Molly Keen are working on two new murals in Charles City.
Work begins on two new Charles City murals
The Charles City community enjoyed a meet-and-greet with the artists painting the city’s two new murals at the Charles City Arts Center on Wednesday, Sept. 20.

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