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Many investments make CC


Many investments make CC

Many people think of investing as putting money into the bank or stock market. From the City financial standpoint things are excellent with a Moody’s A-1 rating.

As important as we handle our finances is how we handle our time in the community.

Recently Rotary through the lead of Chris Garden, Larry Pump and Dennis Donovan raised $12,500 to give away fire extinguishers. Hats off to Rotary for this effort.

For your fun quiz today what is the characteristic that ties the flag pole at the football stadium, the seating area at the top of the sledding hill, and the Rose garden at Clark and Branningham together?

As some of you guessed all of these projects were done by Boy Scouts completing their Eagle project. In reality probably 10 Eagle Scout projects make small changes in town each year.

Play again? How about the Rose Garden at Main and Jackson, the Santa House, playground equipment at Lions Field and Wildwood, and sun arbors at the swimming pool? These were built and maintained by service clubs.

Change in our community can be driven at many levels.

The Whitewater course is an amazing change that was driven by a group of energetic volunteers that wouldn’t take no for an answer. The outside funding for much of this also helped. Even though I don’t kayak the course I do enjoy the walks and amphitheater. The number of people enjoying the venue makes the effort worth it. So the next time you see a volunteer with their sleeves rolled up stop and give them a thumbs up or maybe lend a hand.

Keith Starr is a member of the Charles City Council.

Kieth Starr

Charles City Council

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