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“It is the first time I have tried this in a class and I want to work out all the kinks and be familiar with it before I make students do it,” he said.

It wouldn’t be a book without proper cover art.

“Rosa Gastulam made a cover to the eBook,” McKeag said.

The collection is called, “Globalization: Short Stories, some poems, and a play or two.”

“During National Education Week (this week) it will be available for free download on Amazon,” Pittman said. “They have the ability for a free five day promotion.”

The free eBook can be accessed by visiting http:// B017X72QF4, or it can be downloaded at http://bit.

ly/1GZNYj5. Once opened, readers can scroll to the bottom of the screen where they will be prompted to unzip the ePub file or the Kindle mobi file. It can then be opened in whichever e-reader the reader prefers.

“I have found the easiest thing for people to do on that is to download the zip file, then open up the ePub file in Google Books that can be found in the Google Play Store,” Pittman said.

The Charles City Press has published a few of the students’ works. All of the fictional pieces can be read by following the link and downloading the free eBook.

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