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Slam poetry grade

Voice 1:

8,083 miles apart Voice 1: Voice 2: From the cocoa bean fields of Africa

Voice 2: To the warm sunny beaches of Florida

Both: 8 and only in 3rd Voice 1:

bananas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Voice 2: No more chocolate for breakfast says my dentist.

Voice 1: Dragging nearly 100 pounds…..

Voice 2: Eating nearly 2 ounces…..

Voice 1: Cocoa beans Voice 2: Chocolate bars


Tillage and labor to fend for my family, many hard working days just to be sent into slavery Handed 2 dollars from the wallet of my father, taken from a lawyer with a scholar.

Only corn paste and

By Makayla Nierling and Sadie Ruzicka Both:

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