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Slam poetry


I lay here dreaming, sinking deeper and deeper into my mattress. Hearing the beep beep noises, and not wanting to go to my classes.

I lay here shivering, awake on this cold hard ground. Hearing the 4:00 train come around.

I get up to this cold air

And make my way to my warm shower

With me using all my power.

All I hear are the sounds of traffic

While I’m here across the world making fabric



I sit here listening to my professor

As my boss is giving me a lecture

The cool breeze running through my hair, while my new nails are in the air

The heat is beating down on me, with blood running down my knee

2 hours till I’ll have fun……

Not knowing when I’ll be done…..

By Makayla Nierling and Sadie Ruzicka Both:

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