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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ‘The Miracle Worker’ was excellent

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ‘The Miracle Worker’ was excellent

Congratulations to the Charles City High School Drama Department in an excellent presentation of “The Miracle Worker.” I attend the History Theatre in St. Paul when they did the play a few years ago. Our local students carried the tension and theme in a manner that was equally successful to the professionals. I congratulate Linda Brant and Mike Lembke for selecting a play that the whole community could feel about the more standards and language, as well as the technical expertise of its presentation.

God bless the teachers and young people of our Charles City community for taking their talents seriously and sharing them.

Thank you, Charles City Press, for the outstanding coverage.

Nancy Schever, Charles City

Thanks for stealing

I was in the hospital in Mason City. I asked my husband to cash a check I had. I signed it and gave it to him. He lost it. It was later determined that the check had been cashed! Someone found it and cashed it! What a shameful thing to do to old folks. Thanks a lot.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rezentes, Charles City

Free college not a good idea

I am a student at the Charles City High School. We are studying about free college in Germany. This letter is telling you about my opinion on free college in America. It is a bad idea because we would most likely have to raise up taxes for that to happen. And a lot of families can’t afford to have the taxes raised up.

Who would pay for our tuition? Everything that we normally have to pay for while attending college, who would pay that? A lot of people might take advantage of having free college. A lot of fights might happen because some people want free college, some people don’t.

If we had free college, kids would lose respect for the adults. We wouldn’t know what they had to deal with while paying college debt. We wouldn’t get the life experience on getting a job to pay for college if it was free. We wouldn’t know what it is to feel like being a grown-up paying for your own thing. This is why free college is a bad idea.

Tara Alik, Charles City

Doing it again!

Since we don’t teach our children real American history, our low-information voters are being led to continually follow the party line when it comes to voting. That works well for the incumbent candidates as they are only telling how good they are while living high and passing their own raises with great benefits. We need to elect people of good character, morals and that put America first.

President Thomas Jefferson, refused to pay ransoms to the Barbary pirates and built a Navy and Marine Corps to fight and win the right to free shipping in the open oceans. As soon as that war was won, there were others that would pick a fight with the small upstart country. It has taken many American lives and much treasure to insure that you still have your freedoms.

It seems that after each war/conflict the powers that be immediately start to reduce our military, both in people and equipment and try to buy peace with our enemies. That does not seem to work as there is always another despot that starts to flex his/her muscle and we are back to rebuilding our armed forces again.

Now the present administration is doing it again before there is any stability in the region of the Middle East. We hear that Al-Quaida and ISIS are in a Jihad to bring Islam to the whole world and enslave or kill all who won’t convert to Islam. If you don’t believe it start to look into their beliefs and what they are taught by their Imams and the Quran. Watch the news, read what they believe and read about the Sharia Law that they live by. Then sit down and have a conversation with yourself and ask: Do I want this in America?

David Payne, Charles City

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