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Letter to the Editor: Favors saving Wildwood clubhouse

By Dave Scrimger, Charles City

I or one am in favor of some type of restoration/rebuild of the iconic Wildwood Clubhouse. This classical building was designed by Mortimer Cleveland, well known architect from Waterloo who has designed a number of structures in Charles City and surrounding areas.

If the railroad depot can be moved and a new foundation put under it then this could be done also. This type of work is done on a regular basis everywhere. It is a matter of lifting the building up (fireplace and all) and make repairs to the lower structure and a new foundation (underpinning) placed. You have to get the right contractors that know how to do this. Not a job for a small crew. Perhaps some improvements to make the building more usable would be in order.

There may be funds available through grants to get some of this done. A new building could take its place but the amount of usage it would get probably could not justify the expense.

Of course for the sake of economy there could be built a metal shed and outhouse. Now wouldn’t that be so clever!

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