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Letters to the Editor: Enabnit, Boge, Bjelica, Weber, Carey, Cummins, King, Davis, Scott, Junker, Junker, Miller, Davis, Frye

Supports Kuhn for District 1 supervisor

By Arlin Enabnit, Marble Rock

I ’m supporting Mark Kuhn for county supervisor in District 1 because he has the experience and leadership skills to tackle tough issues facing Floyd County. Mark and I served on the Board of Supervisors from 1992 to 1998 and we had to make some tough budget decisions to hold down property taxes.

I’m glad Mark Kuhn is running for supervisor again. A vote for Mark is a vote for our future.

Supports Keifer for District 2 supervisor

By Arnie Boge, Ionia

This letter is in support of Dennis Keifer, who I believe would serve District 2 voters well. He comes from an agri-background. Having knowledge of agriculture and risk management would be a plus for the Floyd County boardroom. Dennis has shown that he is able to speak his mind and articulate his thoughts for the benefits of Floyd County residents.

Please vote for Dennis Keifer for Floyd County Supervisor, District 2.

– Boge is a former 24-year Chickasaw County supervisor, retired.

Says Keifer is practical and pragmatic

By Nick Bjelica, Charles City

I’m asking you to vote for Dennis Keifer in District No. 2. I’ve known Dennis for over 20 years. He works well with people and has an open mind to all sides of the issue. And he would make a good supervisor because of his practical and pragmatic way of solving the challenges of Floyd County.

Vote for Keifer.

Democracy is in peril; answer is to vote

By Karen Weber, Charles City

With the upcoming election getting closer and closer, I hope everyone will vote – vote – vote!

Our democracy is in peril and is the No. 1 priority. Can you imagine our country being ruled by fascist rule? The rich will rule. Freedom, “gone.”

I hope every senior citizen is aware of Social Security and Medicare being taken away, as these two programs are Republicans’ top priority. I only wish they would campaign on their agenda. They only want more chaos. They lie to their constituents.

Last, the Medicare Advantage (scam) is enticing senior citizens to change their Medicare plan. Don’t! It’s just private insurance.

Does candidate believe election was stolen?

By Robert Carey, Charles City

This letter concerns Charlie Thomson, who is running as a Republican in the House 58 race which covers Chickasaw and parts of Floyd and Bremer counties. On July 3rd, 2021, when Charles City was getting ready to celebrate the Fourth of July in Central Park, a house that Charlie Thomson owns right across the street from the park displayed a sign which was at least 20 feet by 20 feet which stated “Trump won – Save America,” which is continuing The Big Lie.

This day was meant for celebrating our independence and on this day to advertise The Big Lie was very disrespectful.

I have a question for Mr. Thomson and the voters of the House 58 race: Is Mr. Thomson an election denier and supporter of a man who incited rioters on January 6th, 2021, to attack our nation’s Capitol where police officers were beaten and killed?

I believe voting for Mr. Thomson would be very wrong.

Urges ‘no’ vote on Iowa gun amendment

By George Cummins, Charles City

On the ballot for the midterm elections is a proposed amendment to the Iowa Constitution. Many people are unaware of this voting opportunity and its implications.

It states: “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The sovereign state of Iowa affirms and recognizes this right to be a fundamental individual right. Any and all restrictions of this right shall be subject to strict scrutiny.”

Only three other states follow “strict scrutiny” language and these states rank in the Top 5 for gun-related deaths. Homicides by gun, including gun deaths by suicide, are increasing in Iowa.

Supporters claim this amendment only clarifies Second Amendment language in the U.S. Constitution. Opponents of the amendment claim that any gun restrictions (background checks, age limits, possession of firearms by felons or domestic abusers, firearms in public places, assault weapons bans, mental health restrictions, etc.) could be declared unconstitutional after “strict scrutiny.” Opponents of this amendment suggest that its passage will not reduce public safety concerns and will create more problems for law enforcement.

Vote “NO” on this proposed gun amendment.

Know where the candidates stand, then vote

By Cleone King, Floyd

I am hoping people will take the elections seriously enough to look into the views of the issues at stake and the platform of the party the candidates are affiliating themselves with. Check if it matches up with your Christian moral values and beliefs.

This is not a popularity contest or how nice one may be – it is a vote of how your government will be directed by their vote. Get a voter guide and see how the candidate stands on important issues facing our country. And remember, wrong is wrong, no matter how sugar-coated they can make the wording sound.

Pray for wisdom, educate yourself on where the candidate stands on issues. Ask if those are the same beliefs you have. The future of our country needs you to stand up and be counted. Vote after you take time to find out where each candidate stands on these important issues.

If you need a voter guide to tell you candidate views on issues you can contact Faith and Freedom Coalition on the internet at

Dené Lundberg will be a responsive public servant

By Laurie Davis, Charles City

Dené Lundberg has the life skills that make her relatable to the residents of House District 58. As a spouse, parent, grandparent, employee, volunteer and taxpayer, most of you can relate to that life.

Dené started out living on the farm, helping with chores, having responsibilities. Dené understands farm practices and has helped with different fairs for many years.

Following graduation from ISU, Dené worked in District 58 for almost 40 years. As an educator Dené could see first-hand how learning and the role of schools changed over the years to help the child. Dené and her husband, Jim, work with students to make them successful both in and outside of the classroom.

Dené has never run for public office. She will be a responsive public servant. She will do her homework and make decisions that are based on fact and common sense.

Since July, Dené has knocked on thousands of doors and had conversations with many constituents. She is approachable because she is like them with an understanding of local issues. Dené has owned property and paid property taxes for the past 32 years in this district.

Dené will be a fiscally responsible representative.

Please join me in electing Dené Lundberg as representative of House District 58.

Supports Salmon for Iowa Senate District 29

By Christine L. Scott, Alta Vista

I confidently encourage you to vote for Sandy Salmon for Iowa Senate. She has been a champion for freedom in the Iowa House protecting our rights and I know she will do the same in the Senate.

Sandy listens to her constituents’ concerns and takes action, being our voice down at the capitol.

Sandy Salmon has stood up courageously for medical freedom, voter integrity, free speech on social media, and freedom of religion at public universities.

She has passionately fought for Iowa’s education to be controlled at the local level and to have sexually explicit materials removed from Iowa’s tax-funded schools.

Salmon has common sense about prioritizing government spending and keeping our budget balanced. During these trying financial times, Sandy supported lowering our taxes and to continue funding our faithful law enforcement.

She advocates for private property rights in dealing with the pipeline issue and the “right to keep and bear arms” amendment to be added to our Iowa Constitution.

As an Iowa farm girl and a veteran Marine, Sandy Salmon is pro-America, pro-family, pro-life, and pro-freedom.

She is exactly who we need on the frontline in the Iowa Senate representing all of us in District No. 29. Please vote for her on Nov. 8th.

Supports Salmon for Iowa Senate District 29

By Curt and Deb Junker, Denver, Iowa

We are writing to ask you to cast your vote for State Rep. Sandy Salmon for Iowa Senate District No. 29 on Nov. 8th.

We know Sandy to be a person of high integrity and strong family values. She proudly served our country in the Marine Corp and fully understands what it means to protect the freedoms that our Founding Fathers constructed our Constitution on.

She raised and educated her family through Home School from elementary through high school. Through this she garnered a strong understanding of what is required to educate our children well.

She managed her families’ budget and fully understands what it means to make sacrifices in order to maintain financial responsibility.

Her background of being raised on a farm and now being a farm owner gives her a full spectrum of comprehending the importance that agriculture holds in Iowa and to the many Century Farms that this state proudly consists of.

She has always been a good listener of her constituents concerns, which we can personally attest to. Her strong work ethic ensures that she will continue to work hard for her constituents and our love for this country.

We highly support Sandy and encourage you to cast your vote for her.

Supports Salmon for Iowa Senate District 29

By Kim Junker, New Hartford

Rep. Sandy Salmon is running for the Iowa Senate, District 29. This district encompasses Butler, Bremer, Floyd and Chickasaw counties.

I got to know Sandy several years ago when the Rock Island Clean Line, a massive high voltage transmission line, was proposed to cross Iowa and the heart of our farm. Sandy was steadfast in her convictions about private property rights. With her help, legislation was passed to stop the Rock Island Clean Line’s over-reach of eminent domain by a private, for-profit company.

Now, three private, for-profit carbon capture pipeline companies are trying to strong arm landowners with the threat of eminent domain to cross their land. I know Sandy has our backs and will defend our private property rights against this over- reach of condemnation authority.

Sandy also has a proven track record in the Iowa House representing our conservative values such as pro-life, pro-family, the 2nd Amendment, religious freedom and balancing the budget.

Sandy is honest, dependable, and hard-working. We need people like her in office these days. Please help me in supporting Sandy Salmon for the Iowa Senate.

Supports Salmon for Iowa Senate District 29

By Rich Miller, Waverly

I am writing to urge you to vote for our state Rep. Sandy Salmon for the Iowa State Senate District No. 29. I have known Sandy for many years and have had many conversations with her on various issues.

I have found her to be one of the most genuine and honest people you could meet. Her word is her bond and we have been very fortunate to have had her as our state representative.

Having been raised on a farm here in Iowa and now as a family farm owner and partner in managing the farm, she knows the challenges farm families face every day and she understands agricultures importance and what must be done for a business to thrive and provide jobs.

As a Marine Corps veteran she has been a strong advocate for her fellow veterans. As a veteran myself I appreciate her for being our voice on the hill. Her work ethic, common sense and dedication are attributes that have served her well as a state representative and I ask you to support her on Election Day.

Supports Salmon for Iowa Senate 29

By Jeanette Davis, Parkersburg

I am writing to urge people to vote for Sandy Salmon for senator in Iowa Senate District No. 29. I have never seen someone work so hard to be elected.

I have had the privilege to go with her several times to knock on doors and get information out to the voters. I have enjoyed getting to know her and I am impressed with her knowledge about what is going on in the state of Iowa.

I like her stand for life, our 1st amendment rights, as well as our 2nd amendment rights. She also advocates for personal property rights and election integrity. She has many sensible beliefs about our children’s education, such as restoring local control of our schools, rather than at the federal level. Also allowing parents options on how they wish to educate their children.

She has also fought to remove sexually explicit material out of the schools, a well as CRT.

I also appreciate that she sees the value of working within a budget. It is frustrating to me to hear about going “green,” when I see so much waste within government institutions. There is much to be said about Sandy and her integrity and hard work. Take time to check out her voting record and see for yourself.

Encourages vote for Dené Lundberg for Iowa House 58

By Carol G. Frye, Charles City

I am writing to encourage you to vote for Dené Lundberg for the Iowa House.

She has experience that makes her especially qualified to serve the citizens of House District 58.

Dené was raised on a farm where she learned the value of hard work. She is a long-time resident of Floyd County and was a teacher in the Charles City School District for nearly 40 years. Dené Lundberg will be an advocate for rural Iowa and a supporter of its public schools.

I know from personal experience Dené is a good listener and will listen to you, her constituents. I hope you will join me and vote for Dené Lundberg to represent District 58 in the Iowa House.

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