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Letter to the Editor: How time flies

By Harty Schmaehl, Kamiah, Idaho

It hardly seems that 70 years could have passed since the spring of 1953, as we arrived by train in Charles City. As WW2 refugees and concentration camp survivors following the war, after years of waiting in Austria for our quota to come up to immigrate to the States, it was finally our turn. Many generous people in the Congregational Church, specifically E.O. Vaile, and members of the Baptist Church sponsored and welcomed us.

Our family consisted of John and Lydia Schmaehl, sister Brigitte and Hartmuth/Harty.

Dad worked for Paul Moltz, a contractor, as a cabinet maker, his lifelong profession. Lydia kept the home and nursed her Parkinson’s disease. Dad eventually worked at Dr. Salsbury’s Laboratories, until his retirement. He remarried in Texas after Lydia died.

Harty and Brigitte entered junior high school and remember so fondly the teachers who helped teach us to speak English and to learn all the other courses. Who could forget G. Arthur Luther, Miss Smiley, Curly Steinkamp and so many others?

Brigitte became a nurse, spent her life at the Osage Hospital and still lives in Osage, married to Roland Philipp. They had five children and numerous grandchildren, many still in Osage.

After we bought a house with the help of our friend, Dr. Fox, many of the caring church members donated lovely antique furnishings to us, in order to buy the more fashionable chrome furnishings so popular at that time. We still have many of those valuable pieces.

Harty went to Iowa State, was commissioned through ROTC, served 17 years on active duty, was decorated with a bronze star in Viet Nam. He has been a real estate broker for 40 years. Harty’s first wife was the late Inge (Kitty) Helck, from Charles City. They had three children, two of whom have passed away. An attorney daughter is in Spokane.

Harty remarried to Marjorie, a nurse and innkeeper, over 30 years ago at the Little Brown Church. The two are on an Idaho State Economic Development Commission and are active entrepreneurs with six companies, over 20 employees and 24/7 activities. They operate a 23-room lodge on 65 acres, a restaurant/bakery/wedding chapel, using the name Hearthstone. They do real estate sales and rentals and have no plans to retire.

It is always good to return to Charles City, where Harty considers his roots to be, during class reunions and family events. We look forward to many returns in years to come.

Harty Schmaehl, PO Box 1492, Kamiah, ID 83536

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