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N-P puts sound defense to the test


N-P puts sound defense to the test

Huskies take plenty away from 2-quarter half with Denver

In just 16 minutes of live action, the Huskies were able to learn a lot about themselves after Tuesday night’s scrimmage with Denver.

This season, defense has been stressed to the Nashua-Plainfield girls’ basketball team more so than any other year, said head coach Erik Smith. That message was able to shine through with his players Tuesday night.

“I told them when we went into the locker room that I didn’t know what to anticipate coming in,” Smith said. “I said, ‘Don’t take this the wrong way, but that was better than I had expected.’” Smith said he’s stressing defense so much more this year because the Huskies don’t have a “go-to” kind of player when they need a basket in a crisis situation.

With a more stout defense, Smith hopes to keep games to a point where he won’t need that kind of player.

But after just one night of scrimmagin, a couple players showed their capability of confidence going to the hoop.

Sierra Fisher had three baskets for six points Tuesday night. All of those coming inside the paint.

“She’s been somebody I think can be a scorer for us,” Smith said. “She can also be one of our better shooters from the outside, too. She’s pretty tall, which presents matchup problems inside.”

With an aggressive defense comes more fouls. And Smith is aware of that.

Tuesday night, the Huskies racked up eight fouls in just one half of ball. However, seven players shared those eight fouls. The depth on the bench allows the Huskies to be a little more aggressive, cause problems for opponents and earn some takeaways like the four they had Tuesday night against Denver.

“The fouls we had were the things we talked about. The arm bars and stuff you can’t do,” Smith said. “Those will be easy cleanups.”

The Huskies kick off the season at New Hampton on Nov. 23 at 7:30 p.m.

By Stephen Koenigsfeld [email protected]

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