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Warriors drop 39-point win on N-P, pump the tempo

Warriors drop 39-point win on N-P, pump the tempo

Go. Pass. Shoot. Run. Stop. Go. Shoot. Rebound. Shoot. Shoot. Go. GO. GO!

The Warriors put two feet on the gas pedal and refused to let up until the final buzzer sounded in the 57-18 victory against conference rival Nashua-Plainfield on Tuesday night.

The tempo was fast, crazy fast. And that’s just how the Warriors want it.

“We want to play loose; right on the edge of out of control,” said head coach Blake Hansen. “We love chaos so the more crazy we can make it, this group just thinks that’s fun.”

Hansen isn’t lying. The way the Warriors played Tuesday night was wild and fast, but still in control. Junior Mackenzie Rooney said with a grin that that’s the way the Warriors know how to play.

“We work really hard on keeping up the tempo and keeping up the pace,” Rooney said. “That’s how we win. We don’t have the height, but we have the speed. We just have to use that quickness to our advantage.”

Controlling the chaos doesn’t come naturally to the team, however. Every day, Hansen said the girls are literally thinking, acting and living fast.

By Stephen Koenigsfeld [email protected]

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