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Young Huskies get two wins on the road

Young Huskies get two wins on the road

Senior Jason Fisher gets a perfect 3-0 night in Sumner-Fred

It’s been an interesting season for the Husky wrestling team down in Nashua-Plainfield. With numbers as high as they’ve ever been for head coach Al Frost, the lineup is starting to take mold.

On Tuesday, the Huskies earned two wins against Hampton-Dumont and Aplington-Parkersburg, and suffered one defeat to Sumner-Fredricksburg.

Frost said although some of the younger guys are starting to understand the sport, there’s a lot of room left to be filled.

“It was a very enlightening night for us,” Frost said. “The forfeits are continuing to be a factor for us, but we’re still moving some guys around to get them at more competitive spots.”

Frost hopes that by the end of the week, he can move most of his guys back to the weight classes that they belong in. Right now, many Husky wrestlers are wrestling up a weight class, like senior Jason Fisher.

Fisher had three wins, including a win by forfeit, Tuesday night. Jason jumped up to the 220 weight class, but had no opponent.

“Jason Fisher has been very solid for us at 195 (pounds),” Frost said. “We thought we were going to get him a match at 220 (pounds), but there was no one there.”

The Huskies will head to the Battle of Waterloo on Dec. 19 in a grand day of wrestling. Teams from Class 1A, 2A and 3A will be on hand at Columbus Catholic in Waterloo. That meet starts at 10 a.m.


Husky wrestler celebrated his birthday with two key wins for Nashua-Plainfield on Tuesday night at Sumner-Fredricksburg.

Head coach Al Frost said Roach has been exemplifying characteristics of Husky wrestling that he likes to see.

“Gunner Roach has been on the short end of the winning streaks lately, but he had two big wins for us tonight,” Frost said. “It was his birthday, so it was really good to see him have that success and get those wins.”

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