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A new life for high school seniors: Adulting 101

  • Seniors Bailee Wilts, Kristyn Pellymonter and Gen Wandro pick up three pounds of lunch meat at the Hy-Vee counter. Press photos by Kate Hayden

  • Charles City High School seniors Adam Stewart, Mason Meyer and Nate Lasher compare prices in the frozen food aisle at Hy-Vee.

  • Pellymonter calculates the price of produce for her group in Hy-Vee.

  • American Family Insurance agent Joe Maloy talks to Charles City High School seniors on Thursday, explaining options for health, auto, home and life insurance.

  • A community member looks over the grocery lists of Charles City High School seniors Nate Lasher and Adam Stewart.

  • Pellymonter and Wandro pick up produce for their fictional families.

  • Meyer, Stewart and Lasher check off items on their grocery list Thursday morning.

  • Meyer, Wilts and Pellymonter listen as Joe Maloy of American Family Insurance shares their insurance options for life after high school.

  • Pellymonter, Wandro and Wilts check their fictional family's grocery list on Thursday morning.

  • Gen Wandro compares orange juice prices during the senior Adulting 101 session on Thursday morning.

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