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Addiction specialists show adults how to find what’s hidden

  • This set-up of a teen's bedside table contains five items that can hide substance abuse or addictive habits, Prairie Ridge prevention specialists said. Press photos by Kate Hayden

  • Prevention specialist Courtney Cockrum walks Charles City residents through the bedroom set-up at NIACC. One wall held between 40-50 items that could be found in any teenager's bedroom, specialists said.

  • Courtney Cockrum compares two bracelets side-by-side — a normal paracord bracelet on the right, and a bracelet with a hidden pipe on the left. Both can be made through tutorials Cockrum and her colleagues found on YouTube.

  • Prairie Ridge specialists lay out four items associated with controlled substance use — in the left corner, a purple commercial filter sold for $10 and a handmade filter made from a toilet roll and dryer sheet; a t-shirt with the slang "trap house," referring to a place where illegal substances are sold; and a baseball hat with the inside lining slit open, where small items, like cash or plastic bags, can be stored.

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