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Barrett presented with check for public sculpture

  • Molly Barrett talks with art patrons at the spot where her sculpture, “History in Shapes,” will be erected. (Press photo James Grob.)

  • CCAC Director Jacqueline Davidson gives a presentation Monday for Molly Barrett, whose sculpture, “History in Shapes,” will is expected to be erected in the coming weeks. (Press photo James Grob.)

  • Art Strong, Susan Strong, Mark Wicks, Vonnie Kruckenberg, Molly Barrett and Jacqueline Davidson were on hand as a check was presented Monday to Molly Barrett for her sculpture. (Press photo James Grob.)

  • Molly Barrett stands next to a model of her sculpture, “History in Shapes,” during a fundraising event in July. (Press file photo James Grob.)

  • A model of Molly Barrett’s sculpture, “History in Shapes,” which is expected to be erected in Charles City in the coming weeks. (Press file photo James Grob.)

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