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Charles City, Marble Rock firefighters take on training

  • Training officer Marty Parcher steps away after lighting the practice blaze. Press photos by Kate Hayden

  • Firefighters rotated positions during training, each learning how to put out a burning propane tank set up in front of the Charles City Fire Department on Monday.

  • Firefighters fight to minimize the blaze, reach through the flames and turn off the tank during practice.

  • Charles City and Marble Rock firefighters advance on a blaze during training Monday evening under the direction of training officer Marty Parcher. Firefighters trained with one team approaching the flame from the center, and two teams a step behind on either side, providing a second wall of spray.

  • Groups of firefighters attack the blaze, which reached heights above the fire station, with three hoses as they practiced fire control through a fog spray. The training took place out front of the Charles City Fire Station as customers at Dairy Queen across the street peeked through the windows or watched from the parking lot.

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