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City Council: No chickens

  • Rachel Colsch and Tavyon Colsch, 2, outside her house playing with her baby chickes she recieved as a gift from mother. The chicks are named Pete and Fuzz Brain. Press photos by Thomas Nelson.

  • Rachel Colsch tends to her pet baby chickens. From right to left, Midnight, Fuzz Brain and Pete. Midnight and Pete are silkie chickens.

  • Midnight, Pete and Fuzz Brain huddle together. The chickens are pets and belong to Rachel Colsch. She went before the Charles City Council to keep them due to a city ordinance.

  • Rachel Colsch and her chickens Pete, Midnight and Fuzz Brain. The Charles City Council voted to require Colsch to remove the chickens from the city limits.

  • Rachel Colsch in front of where she keeps her chickens. A brown egg laying hen walks behind her.

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