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Community survey shows support for high school renovation

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  • Jean Underwood of BLDD Architects offered this mock-up of what the main entrance of the Charles City High School could look like under a plan presented to the public on Jan. 22, 2018.

  • In this mock-up of a potential Charles City High School renovation, the 1961 gym is located mostly untouched to the right side of the photo, and the new main entry is toward the left side, along with an expanded parking lot.

  • This sketch by BLDD Architects was presented in 2017 as part of a potential plan for renovating the Charles City High School, including replacing the “circle” classrooms. That plan was largely shelved when new Superintendent Mike Fisher came on board in 2018, but now talks of needed facility changes at the high school have resumed, and the school district will ask BLDD to be involved in the discussion because of its previous work.

  • BLDD Architects presented the renovated high school with three main wings: the north/STEAM wing, the humanities and auditorium/music wing, and the south/CTE wing.

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