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GALLERY: Cloud of color in gym class

  • Washington Elementary kindergarteners take a peek under the parachute in Sue Hoefer's gym class on Thursday morning. Press photos by Kate Hayden

  • Landyn Guillory, of Lisa Nelson's kindergarten class, searches as the "cat" for student "mice" hiding underneath the rippling parachute, with waves made by his classmates.

  • Lisa Nelson's kindergarten class make waves during gym on Thursday morning,

  • Students bounce up and down with excitement while playing with the parachute in Sue Hoefer's gym class.

  • Lexan Joslin is searching for her classmates under the parachute's waves.

  • Riley Holdgren tries to pounce on a classmate as she as Mackenzie Mahan search for "mice" under the parachute's waves.

  • Students watch the parachute suspend in the air as they sit in a tight circle underneath it.

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