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GALLERY: Residents open private collections in Home Art Tour

  • Jon and Ann Schneckloth's home will be one of five open to the public on Sept. 24, showcasing the couple's collection of art made by them, collected by them or passed down to them by family members. This piece has been in Jon's family since about 1900, although the story behind it is lost. Press photos by Kate Hayden

  • By cartoonist Frank Miller.

  • Pots done by Jon Schneckloth line shelves in Jon and Ann's basement.

  • By Martha Schneckloth, Jon Schneckloth's grandmother.

  • A felt tapestry collected by the Schneckloths during a trip to Galway, Ireland.

  • By Edna Hinrichs, Ann Schneckloth's aunt.

  • By Wendell Mohr, owned by Jon and Ann Schneckloth.

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