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Guiding the chainsaw in Pat Doyle’s creations

  • Chainsaw carver Pat Doyle gets to work on transforming a log into a critter at the Floyd County Fair on Thursday morning. Press photos By Kate Hayden

  • An Iowa pig greets visitors to Doyle's tent on Thursday. Doyle will sculpt for visitors three times a day during the fair.

  • One of the several sculptures Doyle will make at the fair includes an organ donor ribbon, in honor of Logan Luft, a 15-year-old Charles City organ donor.

  • The #LuftTuff ribbon by Doyle will be primed and painted before it is completed by Sunday.

  • Doyle travels to around 10 fairs or festivals a year as an exhibiting carver.

  • An example of bears Doyle has custom-carved as part of his business, Doyle Carving Niche.

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