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High school Expeditions class: Adventure bound

  • Jadyn Hegtvedet and Charmy Schultz, juniors at Charles City High School, create a shelter at Backbone State Park for Robert Pittman's Expeditions class. Contributed photo.

  • Freshmen John Sibuma, Wyatt Streich, Jordan Sullivan, Joey Heidibrink, and junior Noah Schlader travel along the edge of a cliff at Backbone State Park. Contributed photo.

  • Juniors Chris Campbell, Marissa Deeter, Veronica Starkey, Jadyn Hegtvedet and Charmy Schultz pause on a trail at Backbone during a class trip. Contributed photo.

  • (From left), Jace Landt, freshman; Glenn Tilton, freshman; Nolan Loftus, junior; Thomas Kresnbach, junior; Chase Wilson, senior; and Toby McGovern, sophomore; sit near a trail at Backbone. Contributed photo.

  • Tait Arndt, a freshman from Charles City, climbs a rock face at Backbone State Park. Contributed photo.

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