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Project AWARE opens the door to understanding Iowa’s waters

  • Floyd County Supervisor Linda Tjaden and Dean Tjaden drag in the junk they scooped out of the Cedar River on Thursday. Press photos by Kate Hayden

  • Volunteers found wire, tires, fencing, a vending machine, and a small couch during the week-long Project AWARE expedition.

  • A pair of Project AWARE volunteers haul their daily collection of trash from the Cedar River downstream to a collection point. Press photo by Kate Hayden

  • Volunteers at a Charles City dock empty incoming boats of debris.

  • Volunteers sort through materials in the Floyd County Courthouse parking lot.

  • Christian washes out a tire volunteers brought in at the end of Thursday.

  • Volunteers used heavy machinery to bring in some of the trash found out in the river.

  • Trash piles up as boats keep arriving at the Floyd County Courthouse parking lot on Thursday.

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