Letter to the Editor: Are we seeing our society falling apart?

By David Payne, Charles City

We are hearing more and more individuals accusing high profile people of being sexual predators. They are from the lowest portion of our society all the way to the top and all across every income level. We are seeing how some are using the power of money and lust to get sexual favors from those that they have power over.

We all know of the “blue dress” incident in the White House with the Clintons, the death of the young woman intern of Teddy Kennedy’s drowning in his car after he ran it off the bridge, the accusations of the entertainment moguls, the talking heads on TV news and many others.

I hear conversations that ask, “Why did the accusers wait so long?” I want you to stop and think about the image you project to everyone you meet today. What would they think about you if they knew all of your dark and not so dark past. We, myself included, have done things we do not bring up because we are ashamed of those deeds.

We do not hear much about our U.S. Congress, but I have the feeling that they are not as squeaky clean as their publicist’s portray them to be. They are human, also, and we all have fallen to temptations.

So I ask that each one out there, search your own life before you cast any stones, from your self-righteous imperfect self. Since we, as a people, are turning our backs on the 10 Commandments as listed in Exodus 20:3-17, we have set ourselves upon a slippery slope that we can see now. Just think back to the 1960s and remember all the “free love” that was the new age. Read Genisis 19: 1-13, to see what is in store for mankind.

Now there are the LGBTQ people …, demanding that they be allowed to practice their lifestyles legally. Now we have perverted God’s marriage plan from one man and one woman to same sex couples being married under man’s law.