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Iowa, Iowa State presidents seek state dollars for faculty

Iowa, Iowa State presidents seek state dollars for faculty

DES MOINES (AP) — The University of Iowa needs to pay its faculty more money to stay competitive among other schools, the university’s newly appointed president told state officials Tuesday during a budget presentation.

University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld, whose school is seeking more than $5 million in additional funds for the upcoming fiscal year, said he wants to use $4.5 million of that to pay some faculty more money. He said his data show faculty members are leaving to work at schools with better pay. “We’re on fire, we’re getting raided,” he said.

Harreld also sought $1 million for expanding workforce training in information technology.

Steven Heath, president of Iowa State University, said part of his request for $8.2 million in additional funds would be used to hire more faculty as part of an effort to lower the school’s student-to-faculty ratio from 19-to-1 to 16-to-1. He said Iowa State’s enrollment increased by more than 10,000 over 10 years, making it difficult for the university to lower the ratio. “This has to be a goal of ours,” he said.

University of Northern Iowa President Bill Ruud also spoke during the presentation. He wants more than $7.6 million in additional dollars for items including enrollment, financial aid and building maintenance.

Iowa’s three public universities request state funds annually. Gov. Terry Branstad will determine in the next few weeks whether to recommend them in his budget proposal for the fiscal year that begins in July.

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