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True customer service

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True customer service

Dear Readers: This week’s SOUND OFF is a follow-up to the reader letter complaining about American companies being difficult to engage with. I

stated that I thought differently from the reader, and it is easier

today than ever before. From Ann T. in Keizer, Ore.: "Many companies are FINALLY learning about

pleasant customer service. I

had a problem with my favorite pickle relish, so I called the

number on the jar. He (the

customer representative —

Heloise) was so glad that I had called. He even asked for

the lot number on the jar so he could notify their quality-

control people. Later, he sent

me a generous coupon to

replace the product. What more

could I ask?”

Readers, let the companies you like know what’s right and wrong! If you complain, don’t shout, whine or blather on and on. State the complaint and ask for a solution. Most companies want to make a customer

happy. A negative and unhappy one causes a lot of damage.

Your friend gritches about a product or business? You will think twice before buying that product or using that service.

— Heloise

NO-FREEZE PLANTS Dear Readers: Winter is here

in parts of the country, and on

its way in others.

Outside POTTED PLANTS need a little attention:

1. The roots might be

exposed to temperature

changes. 2. Plant roots are not as strong as the plant; they freeze, the plant dies. 3. Place pots on the ground, not on cement.

4. The bigger the better. Bigger pots hold more soil,

which means more insulation.

— Heloise

P.S.: We do not often get a prolonged freeze here in San Antonio. When we are expecting a "HARD" freeze (it stays for many hours), I cover as many plants as I can! I drag in the ones I can move, and have been known to make a "tent" over a group of the ones I can't.

Hints from Heloise


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