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Charles City art teacher to exhibit work at Arts Center in July

Charles City art teacher to exhibit work at Arts Center in July
This ceramic octopus, created by Meredith Hamm, is one of many works to be featured at the Charles City Arts Center in July. Submitted photo
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Local art teacher Meredith Hamm will exhibit work at the Charles City Arts Center in July. The month-long exhibit will kick off with an opening reception sponsored by Tellurian Brewing tonight (Friday, July 7) from 5 to 7 p.m.

“Dead Reckoning” is a collection of recent nautical-themed ceramics and photographs that the artist hopes will shed a new light on sea creatures like the octopus.

“Through my show, I’d like to bring awareness to the beauty of creatures that are not normally viewed as beautiful, which can be said about many things in life,” said Hamm.

She credits her upbringing in Connecticut with her love of all things water and oceans – a love that is expressed through her art and the focus of her July exhibit. Hamm said she hopes the art will bring people together in a shared experience.

“It’s a way of visual communication that brings people together. It’s a way for people to think about and experience different aspects of life that they normally wouldn’t be exposed to,” she said.

As an art educator, Hamm said, she can sometimes be more critical of her own work than maybe other artists might.

“I have all the nuts and bolts of how to make art, connect art with others, and the artistic background to incorporate different types of art, but also giving myself room to be creative for myself and allow myself an emotional release is very difficult.”

Meredith said she is excited to show work at such an important place to her within the Charles City community.

“The Arts Center has become a second home to me, and I love being able to see the beauty and experiences it offers to the community through art. Being able to share my passion for art here is an honor,” she said.

CC Arts Center Assistant Director Karl Haglund said they are also looking forward to showing the work of someone so closely tied to the arts center.

“I think it’s important to highlight that Meredith is an artist beyond being a teacher of art. She practices what she teaches. I think it will be great for her students, past or present, to see her exhibit – what she creates outside of the classroom.”

The opening reception and month-long exhibit are both free and open to the public.

The Charles City Arts Center is located at 301 N. Jackson St., across from Central Park in downtown Charles City.

For more information call 641-228-6284 or email

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