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Louisville coach Pitino on website: ‘I will not resign’

Louisville coach Pitino on website: ‘I will not resign’


(AP) — Louisville coach Rick Pitino vows to Cardinals fans that he 'will not resign and let you down' as investigations continue into an escort's book allegations that one of his former staffers hired her and other dancers to strip and have sex with recruits and players.

In a season preview Thursday on his website, the Hall of Fame coach apologized to fans for having to 'endure the pain' of allegations by Katina Powell that Andre McGee paid strippers to perform 22 shows from 2010-14 at the players' The 63-year-old Pitino has denied knowledge of the activities described in Powell's book and said Thursday, 'someday I will walk away in celebration of many memorable years but that time is not now. I do not fight these accusations by others but rather turn the other cheek.'

Muhammad Ali tweeted his support for the school from the boxing great's personal and fan Twitter accounts Thursday evening, saying, 'From one champion to another, I will always stand behind and support UofL. GoCards!


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