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Comets earn D-I rating at state meet


Comets earn D-I rating at state meet

CC finds success in first year of pom squad program

There were some laughs, some screams and even a few tears from the Charles City pom squad on Dec. 4 as the Iowa State Dance & Drill Team Association announced the Comets had earned a Division-I rating.

Jubilation ensued for the pom squad, which is only in its first year of inception. An accomplishment this great has set the bar high for the pom squad heading forward. But right now, the girls are living in the moment.

“It was a crazy, crazy atmosphere,” said head coach Keisha Cunnings. “We were nervous, excited, a little scared. We just didn’t know what to expect.”

The state meet invited 260 high schools and 25 universities to the event in Des Moines. There were 11 teams in the Comets’ division, and the goal wasn’t exactly to do as well as they did.

“Honestly, no, we were not expecting that,” Cunnings said of the Comets’ Division-I rating. “Of the 11 teams in our division, we just didn’t want to get last. So sixth place, that’s amazing.”

In order to earn a Division-I rating, the judges must score a team with at least 60 out of 70 points. Cunnings said that in itself was a huge accomplishment, to have judges recognize the hard work put in by the squad.

Cunnings said the first five teams got trophies, and sixth place was right on the edge of that. But there wasn’t much disappointment leaving the meet.

With the success now in writing, Cunnings hopes the achievement will speak for itself when families are looking at Charles City as a school district and even to other students who are already in school in Charles City.

“It shows Charles City has a lot to offer,” Cunnings said. “We weren’t getting the recognition we deserved. But after that, after we proved to the state of Iowa and everyone else, we have something to offer.”

Right now, there are 19 girls out for the pom squad. With the early success the Comets are having in just the first year of the team, Cunnings expects the team to grow substantially in the coming years.

Although there aren’t any competitions scheduled for the rest of the year, Cunnings said spectators are still going to be able to see some different routines by the Division-I rated-Comets.

The pom squad will perform at boys and girls basketball games through February, as well as at the talent show later this school year.

By Stephen Koenigsfeld [email protected]

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