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Comets take command against Forest City


Comets take command against Forest City

Mike Lensing earns first varsity start, win Thursday

In his first varsity start of the season, senior Mike Lensing helped the Comets to a 49-27 win against Forest City on Thursday night at home.

Late into the second period, Lensing got on top and worked to pin his opponent. But his grip wasn’t quite tight enough, and he escaped — only momentarily. Lensing wouldn’t let the fall out of his sight that easily. Quick thinking got Lensing back on top and got him the fall in 2:35. “After shaking hands, the butterflies went away and just did my thing,” Lensing said. “I have a lot to work on, but it’s getting there.”

It’s been a long road to get where he is today, but Lensing is glad he’s back on the mat. After taking a year’s hiatus from wrestling, Lensing said it was one of his bigger regrets, and can’t express how happy he is to be back. “Oh man, yes. It’s 150 times better (than not wrestling),” Lensing said. “The team. The guys. We have our disagreements, but at the same time, we’re in the wrestling room every night. You’re in there busting your butt and you’ve got that brotherhood feeling.

“And it’s awesome.”

Head coach Kevin Wedeking said Cole Reams will still get the start Saturday when the Comets head to Western Dubuque for a tournament. But Lensing’s performance Thursday night showcased the kind of attitude and energy he wants to see from his team.

“He’s a senior and he’s one of those guys who didn’t come out last year,” Wedeking said. “But he’s got some skill. He’s a little green in some respects, but he’s showing some great potential.”

After getting behind 18-0 because of three forfeits, the Comets went on a nine-match win streak, including five falls. The only loss came in the 220-pound weight class when AJ Maloy fell to the No. 1 ranked wrestler in the class, 3-1.

The Comets finished with a win by fall from Brody Tupy at the 285-pound weight class.

Barring the forfeits, it was nearly a complete sweep of the Indians. And it might have been one of the best looking performances Wedeking has seen by a Comet team.

“That was probably one of the best outings I’ve had with a team since I’ve been here, which was two years ago,” Wedeking said. “I was very pleased with how we were aggressive and go after it.”

There’s quit a bit of season left for the Comets, and Wedeking recognizes the schedule doesn’t get any easier for his wrestlers from here on out.

But the leadership and bonding is clicking in the Comet locker room.

“I’m going to keep pushing for all 12 of them to rock and roll,” Wedeking said. “They wrestled aggressively. We went out, took control and had some fun.

“I can’t say enough how proud of this team I am.”

By Stephen Koenigsfeld [email protected]

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