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GALLERY: Newest CREP site offers look at wetland development

  • Linda and Dean Tjaden in front of the rising CREP wetland, which is already filling with water after July rainstorms. Press photos by Kate Hayden

  • Linda and Dean inspect the recently completed concrete surrounding the CREP dam as Cole, their 6-year-old dog, explores.

  • The light blue pool of water on this map will take in runoff from the entire watershed (boundaries marked in blue). The watershed includes land owned by the Tjadens and their neighbors in Floyd County.

  • Contractors on the Tjaden property begin the groundwork for the CREP wetland design in early July. Contributed photo

  • Dean Tjaden uses the family White tractor as he helps contractors pull earth movers over the fishing pond's location.

  • A heavy rainstorm delivers 4 to 8 inches in July to the Tjaden CREP site — and the incomplete wetlands and dam still do exactly as designed. At the start of August, contractors completed the dam by laying cement over the stone. Contributed photo

  • Dean shows a barrel which CREP managers will use to manage the water line on the Tjaden's property as the landscape grows around the new wetlands.

  • Contractors lay new tile around the Tjaden CREP lands as Dean looks on.

  • The Tjaden CREP wetland is visible from Highway B37 — an advantage for CREP, which is attempting to build more interest as a way to maintain government funding.

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