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Speed freakS

Speed freakS

A couple questions we had to ask — ourselves

OK, who wins the championship this week?

GODSPEAK: I have to go with Gordon. All those magic pieces are fitting together.

KEN'S CALL: There are sentimental reasons attached to the hopes of Gordon, Truex and Busch, so I'm going with Harvick.

Will the NASCAR 'cops' have to get involved at Homestead?

GODSPEAK: You know how they sometimes say the 'refs are letting them play?' That will happen at Homestead.

KEN'S CALL: Lord, I hope so.

These are the things that make the racin' world go 'round, you know.

Which driver will be happiest to see season end?

GODSPEAK: Tony Stewart.

He's already planning to run about five times better than he did this year.

KEN'S CALL: Jeff Gordon, regardless of where he finishes Sunday.

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